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The Be Power group, leader in Italy in charging infrastructures for electric vehicles, was assisted by the international firm Eptalex - Garzia Gasperi & Partners in the structuring and concession of a financial transaction, as part of the measures provided for by the Liquidity Decree.

Through this operation, the Be Power group will give even greater impetus to a project of fundamental importance for our country: an ambitious plan for the development of a public and accessible charging network for electric vehicles, in support of sustainable mobility throughout the national territory.

The loan, with a duration of 6 years, has as its object a total of Euro 14 million, of which 8.5 million secured by a SACE guarantee and 5.5 million disbursed by the Central Guarantee Fund.

Be Power is a company that in 2019 achieved a turnover of 62.4 million. It operates through the company Be Charge in the electric mobility sector and through the company 4 Energia in the energy trading and demand response sector; it is majority controlled by Zouk Capital, an English manager of infrastructure and private equity funds specializing in investments in the sustainable economy and in a minority by a vehicle controlled by the Anglo-American fund Aretex Capital Partners, Synergo SGR and Three Hills Capital Partner.

Be Power

Be Power is a Digital Utility that was created with the aim of being the protagonist of the radical transformation taking place in the energy sector by converging, through an innovative management of digital flows, the new activities of the energy market with the electric mobility sector. With its subsidiaries Be Charge and 4energia, Be Power offers recharging services for electric vehicles through a proprietary infrastructure spread across the territory and flexibility services to the national electricity grid by aggregating distributed energy resources (producers and consumers of energy). The group works on new market segments and targets new categories of customers such as electric vehicle users and potential suppliers of energy flexibility, offering new solutions,

Be Charge

Be Charge is a company of the Be Power SpA Group dedicated to the diffusion of charging infrastructures for electric mobility. Be Charge is developing one of the largest and most widespread networks of public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Italy to make a decisive contribution to the development of a sustainable mobility system. Thanks to an internally developed and technologically advanced platform, Be Charge is able to offer an efficient charging service to all owners of electric vehicles, and to recharge throughout the national territory. Within the sector supply chain, Be Charge plays both the role of manager and owner of the charging infrastructure network (CPO - Charge Point Operator) and that of supplier of charging and electric mobility services that interfaces with users of electric vehicles (EMSP - Electric Mobility Service Provider ). All charging stations are smart and user-friendly, monitored 24 hours a day by a help desk and accessible via the BeCharge mobile application. The Be Charge charging stations are Quick (up to 22 kW) in alternating current, Fast (up to 150 kW) or HyperCharge (over 150 kW) in direct current type. Be Charge's industrial plan envisages the installation in the next few years of around 30,000 charging points that will supply 100% green energy from renewable sources. Heptalex - Garzia Gasperi & Partners StpSrl is the Italian headquarters of an international professional firm, with offices, as well as in Italy, also in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Singapore and with twenty-year relationships with leading foreign firms in complex countries such as India. In addition to the traditional services that every law and tax firm provides, Eptalex wants to act as a reference point for companies in assisting their new needs, such as internationalization, corporate compliance, including the scope of export rules and international sanctions, 'technological innovation, the new cross-border tax regulation and wealth planning. The originality of Eptalex lies not only in the services it offers, but also in the way it relates to customers and their needs, integrating a collaborative approach to business,

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Thursday, October 8, 2020
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