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The fiscal system of the United Arab Emirates

Following the issuance of the UAE VAT law at the end of August, and the simultaneous launch of the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) website, businesses and individuals can now start to make changes to their core operations, financial management and book-keeping, technology, as well as human resources and consultants when necessary.

This article provides an introduction to the new tax system, an overview on the procedure and the control of the FTA, and last but not least the preliminary information about Excise and VAT, and the initial obligations to undertake under the law.

Download the document.

In the upcoming weeks, we will provide for specific updates with regard to tax system, and in particular the application of the VAT:

  •     VAT for the import-export of goods and services
  •     Intra-GCC Supplies
  •     VAT for consumer business
  •     VAT and real estate
  •     The fiscal system and the Free Zones’ entities

Stay tuned and do not hesitate to contact us for any further information!

The fiscal system of the United Arab Emirates