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The Legal Impact of COVID-19 on the Business Market

Businesses Confront COVID-19 Threat: In the world of business, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has a direct effect on endurance, whether by interrupting supply chains, causing cross-border complications or affecting the ability of companies to keep operations afloat. Download our article to...
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The Lebanese “E-Transactions’ Law”, The Problem or the Solution?

In a world where electronic means and technology prevail, the new “E-Transactions’ Law” of October 10th 2018 in Lebanon is a step forward especially in terms of encouraging all kinds of secure transactions. This overall progress in the Lebanese legal system necessitates examination particularly...
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Who Influences the Influencers

The increasing importance of social media highlights the necessity to provide a legal framework on how it can be used, governed and controlled. This article offers a brief explanation about the relationship between a social media influencer and an advertiser in a comparative approach between Canada...
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The Data Protection Series: #2 Codes of conduct and Cloud Services

“The lack of data protection legal framework in Lebanon does not prevent businesses from needing to comply with data protection principles. Recent history reveals that even a premium tv network, like HBO, and its best series, Game of Thrones, are not immune to cyber attacks. Therefore, it is...
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