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The Private Investment Companies, A New Investment Vehicle in Lebanon

On May 14th 2020, the Lebanese Legislator enacted Law No. 163 introducing a highly sophisticated type of commercial entity, the P.I.C. P.I.C stands for Private Investment Company (P.I.C.), it is a new investment vehicle in Lebanon, implemented to promote the establishment of new businesses in the...
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The Repercussions of the Spread of the COVID-19 on Employment Contracts in Lebanon

In light of the difficult economic, social and political conditions in Lebanon and the spread of the COVID-19 around the world, some Lebanese companies have undertaken a unilateral reduction in their workers ’salaries, stopped or suspended the payment of wages while some others closed their doors...
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COVID-19: Impacts and Solutions

After two major financial crises in 1929 and 2008, the world is currently facing another economic crash due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While it is clear that the consequences of the pandemic outbreak will have an effect on almost all sectors, the most affected one remains the insurance industry as...
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“Tax Receipt Lottery”, an Enhancer to the Lebanese Economy?

The tax receipt lottery could be the perfect way for a state to combat value-added tax evasion with the help of its citizens, the major players. Did you know that Lebanon already has rooted and developed control system that offer a fertile legal land, appropriate to the implementation of such a...
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