We love helping companies expand beyond their initial market. Internationalization can take place in three ways:
1. Direct exporting: products made in the country of origin are exported and marketed abroad;
2. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): an multinational company has/wants to have production facilities or R & D centers in one or more foreign countries, possibly in joint ventures with local operators (both majority shareholdings and minority or minority interests);
3. Intermediate forms of internationalization: agreements, licenses, technical and commercial assistance contracts, etc., which allow you to sell or rent technology to local operators in foreign countries.

Knowledge of local legislation and specific procedural and contractual concerns can cause big headaches for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) when not taken into account. Moreover, the core of business is people-to-people relationships. An essential factor in the internationalization process is the awareness of the cultural differences and traditions in order to preserve the good outcome of negotiations. Our attorneys are used to helping businesses, large or small cross borders and bridge those cultural gaps.
Here are a few examples of the services we provide:
• Analysis of the proposed investment obtaining of any necessary permits/authorizations/approvals.
• Implementation of SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle entity- JV)
• Identification of Strategic Partners;
• Corporate Structuring, Branch Development or Office of Representation;
• International Tax and Customs Assistance;
• Extraordinary operations, joint-ventures, M&A;
• Financial Sources Research, including private (banks loans and venture capitalist), and public funds;
• Assistance in Negotiation Phase of an extraordinary operations or a contract that includes finalizing infrastructure works and project finance.
• Drafting and negotiation of distribution agreements, agency contracts, IP licensing agreements and generally of preliminary activities finalized for the development of commercial expansion strategies.