Eptalex is committed to supporting entrepreneurship around the globe. We strongly believe that entrepreneurship is a key economic driver, decreasing youth unemployment and creating social stability in developed and emerging markets. We take great pride providing our full range of legal services to startups, serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and other investors.

Our team of lawyers supports entrepreneurs throughout their business journey and beyond by providing them with valuable, understandable and business-focused advice that focuses not only on their day-to-day activities, but also on the legal problems and issues that come with owning, running, and growing any business. We try to collaborate with promising companies helping them avoid common pitfalls in young companies. Our experience in such a wide range of sectors allows us to add value to the typical legal services, creating solutions, rather than just saying it can’t be done.

Our support for entrepreneurs is so engrained in our values that we offer results-driven and alternative fee arrangements to promising individuals and startups with convincing business plans. We connect them with potential partners and providers from among our own client base and contacts when it could facilitate their business. We want to see these companies succeed and improve their local communities, so we do everything reasonably in our power to assist them along the way.