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Labor and Employment

Eptalex assists domestic employers and employees, as well as foreign companies in preventing and if necessary resolving disputes that arise from labor and employment arrangements. We offer the most cost-effective and timely litigation and dispute resolution service in employment law including negotiating collective settlements between large corporations, the regulatory authorities and social security funds, syndicates and employees.

We guide management teams in preventing future conflicts and protecting the company with non-competition clauses, intellectual property protection, and severance compensation as well as in-house policies that ensure the protection of trade secrets and confidential business information when drafting employment agreements. We can also help companies with obtaining working visas and residence permits for their foreign workers.

When your company doesn’t need a full employee, we can make sure that you are protected from liability when using independent contractors or executing service level agreements with other companies to outsource certain processes. We understand that you are looking for the best way to run your business, and we can help you do it.