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Intellectual Property

With globalization and the lightning fast speed at which information can travel, intellectual property is no longer a simple one country topic. When creative types are dreaming up new content, they need to understand how their intellectual property will be used and paid for on a worldwide basis. Our team provides integrated, cross-border services strategies to best protect, use and monetize your intellectual property with a worldwide market in mind and local specialist advice when the market is smaller or issues arise. We pride ourselves on our services for:

Brand Use and Protection
The initial registration of trademarks, patents, industrial drawing and designs, trade dress and copyrights combined with consistent monitoring of a global portfolio of these recognitions is the best way for creators to initially protect their investments and creations. We assist a variety of prominent and start-up clients such as creative people, production companies, televisions, radios, print media, internet companies, performers, songwriters, music record companies, publishers, writers, actors, distributors, manufactures, innovators, local and international firms with these matters.
Whether you bought it or created it yourself, the brand must be used properly to safeguard its value. That’s where experienced Eptalex attorneys can come in, negotiating and drafting a wide variety of agreements on franchising, licensing and assignment of intellectual property rights in connection with television, radios, production houses, motion picture studios, record labels, music, books publishers, distributors, celebrities, merchandising, sponsoring, advertising, sports clubs, software, video games, technology, visual works and other intellectual property assets.

Dispute Resolution, Pre-trial Settlement, and Litigation
Unfortunately, sometimes the worst happens and another person begins using and profiting from another’s intellectual property. At Eptalex, if they manage to slip through our pro-active early infringement alert system, our litigation team is ready to pursue your rights in the intellectual property you have worked so hard to create. We try to settle these matters as cost efficiently as possible before moving to formal litigation to save our clients both time and money.